Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going up to Market

Once back on the boat and Mr Tesco had delivered the goodies we were off.  The Audlem flight of locks are a pain, testing our resolve at boating which can be a challenge at times.  What with something rattling the prop, muddy edges and rocks at lock landings we found them all.  Then there are those by weirs chucking water across the canal completely destroying the careful aim getting into the lock.  So it was crash bang wallop as the boat went in.  Then there were many boaters coming down two at a time taking locks from those going up.  Really should be one up and one down at each lock and helping each other which is far more enjoyable.  Boaters coming up behind us were helping but getting the same treatment.
We stopped for lunch before tackling the Adderley flight.  On the way up we met Mike Edwards on a boat called Sarah Kate known to our friends Terry n Myra.  Other friends known to us are John n Sue who live in Market Drayton and we went to see them when we got there.

Next day we got water opposite the Betton Mill.  That building and wharf is now empty and unused.  Several boating companies have come and gone but it seems British Waterways wants too much for the lease and annual rent.  So much for British Waterways making money from property.

It was a calm sunny day as we proceeded up the Tyrley locks on our own, most empty and in our favour.  Such a contrast from the previous day.

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