Friday, April 02, 2010

We move again

Now that Ann has returned to me we move on to the Ellesmere Canal for that is what it was known when first built before going on to Llangollen. We got our water at Barbridge Junction after turning left on to the Shropshire Union. Then it was only a few miles to the junction with the Llangollen. The facilities at the top of Hurlseton locks were not available due to major works beefing up the canal edges.
The canal is unique because it transports water from the river Dee in Wales all 45 miles to the reservoir at Hurleston. The flow is quite noticeable especially at the narrow bridge holes where it slows the boat down. The byways at the locks allow the flow to pass when the locks are not in use. By the time we had gone up a few locks dark clouds were threatening so we moored near bridge 12 only 3 miles in, set up the satellite dish and got in before it rained.
The next day was a wash out so we stayed in. Watching TV, reading books and listening to the radio or music on CD’s. It got cold and the rain turned to snow for a while and the wind blew.
What a difference a day makes. We woke to some sunshine and moved on to Wrenbury where we walked across a field past the Church and found the shop and Post Office still going strong. Posted our letters, got bread n milk and returned to the boat. Ever since getting on this canal our internet connection with TMobile was failing us. Only now that we have got nearer to Whitchurch has the signal returned. For those first few days we felt quite out of touch.
The canal is still being enhanced by the Shropshire Union Canal Society for the benefit of all users. This includes the provision of seats and picnic tables as well as rings to tie to at visitor moorings making it one of the most user friendly canals within the inland waterways. Should British Waterways tap into the volunteers of Canal Trusts to help improve the system and provide local knowledge and support?


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See you soon? We come off the Monty on Wednesday to make for Chirk over a couple of days.

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Hi both, Happy Easter - bet you're glad to be back Ann, will call you soon. Carol