Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home alone

I have been looking after Molly and myself for a week now. The bird feeders have been refilled a few times as the birds seem extra hungry at this time of year! Fat balls, peanuts and seed all going fast. There are 4 to 5 birdies seen at any one time as I sit and watch while reading.
Been getting up early with the sun but what does it matter. The clocks go forwards soon. Moving time does not change the fact that the days are getting longer. It just resets our time to nature’s time.
I have been concentrating on upgrading our website so pages and pictures are changing. Pictures have been added to all the chapters in our book ‘Living on a Narrowboat’. Also some new pictures are to be added to the canal pages.
Molly does not let me forget to take her out for a walk twice a day. Just one way or the other down the towpath to a bridge and back.

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