Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turn on to the Shropshire Union

Well the Middlewich branch really, but not yet! It was quite tricky being a tight turn under the low Wardle Bridge.
We are on the Wardle Canal first, which is a boat length to the lock, the shortest canal on the system. Up a couple of locks then about four miles to Church Minshull where we found the Visitor Moorings provided by the Canal Trust. They ensure that the grass is cut and the mooring is deep enough. Many of the moorings even have picnic tables and barbeque sites. Only 48 hours to stay but the canal is usually shallow at the edges anywhere else!

Up and down the sloping path,
We walked the Weaver Way,
To find a posting box,
And sent our mail away.

But sadly Church Minshull is not much with narrow busy lanes, the traffic rushing by despite the narrow river bridge. After just one night we moved on past the Aqueduct Marina and up Minshull lock.
We had to pass the next Visitor Moorings because the trees prevented Sky reception. Had to move on and stop on a shallow edge beyond the trees. While there a few days I got around to painting the lower sides of the boat. Just enough to cover up the winter scars!

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