Friday, March 05, 2010

Planning public transport

Geography is a subject to get to grips with. We need to know where roads, places, bus routes and railways are in relation to canals. Our canal maps concentrate on canals and do not often show what may well be a useful station for bus or train. Get hold of a road map to find that canals and railways are almost invisible! The internet and ‘Travelline’ is very helpful in finding the detail to get from one place to another.
Sometimes just moving the boat to a different location will make a land journey so much easier. Two bus trips, two train journeys and a taxi could change to just one bus and a train to get from a to b. If we need to leave the boat it is best in a marina where it will be safe but not all marinas have temporary short term moorings. Getting away in the winter is even more difficult when boats stay in the marina!


Starcross said...

I have thought for some time that there is a need for a website giving basic details about bus and train services to accessible points on the canal system with links to sites such as (but better than) Traveline containing more detailed information. I can see clearly the form it could take, and from my job and my interests in transport I probably have much of the knowledge, but I just can't find the time at present. Maybe a project for my impending retirement!

Anonymous said...

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Foxy said...

We find the Philips road atlas (about £20,but worth it) excellent for finding canal places tomeet boats, as it shows the locks. Used with Pearson, it is great!

John and Liana Fox
NB Osprey

Carol said...

Getting away in the winter is even more difficult when boats stay in the marina! ...... You can say that again!