Saturday, March 13, 2010

New lights

We got to Venetian Marina and booked a mooring for the boat in April. Got some diesel and found the other facility some distance from the boat. They do not have a water tap here so we will have to go another mile to Barbridge. The chandlery here had some LED light units on offer. I was assured that they were regulated so would be ok in the boat on the 12 to 14 volt supply. They were MR11 units that directly replaced the halogen lamps as found in some nice switched brass lights. We tried one and found the light similar to our twin florescent units.
Went off to get water at the end and on our return saw this couple sitting on the edge of the canal enjoying the sunshine.
No chance for us to relax for now we have two jobs to get on with! Fit those lights and paint the other side of the boat.


NB Constance said...

I would be pleased if you would let me know your opinions of your new LED lights. I might upgrade later...
Colin North

Chas and Ann said...

Hi Colin n Alison, Thanks for your comment on our blog. Now we have found yours! Keep up the good work looking after Constance. You are making the most of the new life, have a good summer.
LED lighting is the way to go. The 9 element units are very bright. Have 5 fitted so far and all on is less than an amp! Just be sure to get the regulated ones that work above 12V when the engine is running.
I was unable to leave this comment on your blog.
Chas n Ann, Moore 2 Life