Saturday, March 20, 2010

Somewhere on the branch

We’ve got the jobs done, new lamps for old. Anyone want some old lamps? A few days got us back to Middlewich this time to get more water and provisions for the next week. Ann is to go home to see the grand children while I look after Molly and myself. A taxi to Crewe and two trains getting Ann down south. Plenty of boats are moving up and down, some fast n some slow. Last Sunday we had a good roast lunch at the Venetian Cafe.
Some repair work is going on at Bridge 11 and I wonder if the same is happening down on the Oxford canal.
Aqueduct Marina
And Molly is trying not to fall in.
I will have plenty to occupy my mind trying to update and improve our web site. Not forgetting to take Molly out and feed our faces.

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