Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunny warm days

We spent a few days painting bits of boat, patching up the roof with undercoat and red top coat on the hand rail. Even after the second coat it looked patchy but at least it is brighter and glossy.
We moved on to Wrenbury for bread n milk at the store in the village. A boat was following close behind itching to pass but with a lock ahead we would be first! The bottom gates had been left open and paddles up by some lazy boater ahead of us. So it just took us a bit longer to get through, no help from the boater behind as they had stopped for lunch.
Arrived at the automatic lift bridge to discover it was being repaired. A loose key switch we were told. The boat behind caught us up. “When the bridge is fixed we will let you through” I said. Before the bridge was up they were alongside going by first! Then another boater was backing out of the boat yard as I was passing through the bridge. He was on the phone and nearly hit our back end. As it was he went forwards in a rush and his propeller chucked water all over our stern so I had to shout at him. I guess he was trying to take advantage of the bridge being up. Tough, Ann lowered it to let the build up of traffic go over. So yes, attitudes have changed over the years especially during the spring and summer months.
This is a spring mooring on the Llangollen


Sue said...

Last comment said "Very heart of the blog, push, oh"


Ian said...

Thank you for this picture and the blog, the very spot where you are tied up is the very same spot where our 12 yr old son fell in when on our first trip out on a narrowboat from Wrenbury marina, you have brought back some very happy memories.