Thursday, February 10, 2011

The sun shines

It was one of those days that reminded us of the good times when we really enjoy boating. We did not go far but we went slowly and ‘drunk in the wine’ it was so good. Spring is in the air and the evidence on the ground. Woodland carpets of snowdrops and crocus. The early signs before spring gets going with daffodils. Only three miles but it was Cannock Chase, open countryside with the warmth of the sun on our faces.
All too soon we had arrived at Rugeley where our records show that we have been here most years since 2001. Spent a few days here to shop and look around before moving on. Seems many boats are doing the same between stoppages. We drifted on past the power station belching steam and pollution, through the narrows at Armitage and stopped near Kings Bromley.

While travelling on the canals we are often amused by the humorous sights provided by those on land. Often unseen by those who stand on solid ground. We appreciate those who provide us with something to see that is pretty, well kept and creative. The back gardens which slope down to the canal edge where the owners cannot see from their own homes. There is, sadly, such a contrast between villages, towns and cities that either turn their backs on the waterways and those that embrace them.

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