Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tea, cake and flapjacks

When Sue n Vic got their new prop fitted and tested to their great satisfaction both boats stopped further on.

Creating a gathering of three boats which included Derwent 6. Once we had got secured to the bank and relit the fire Del & Al invited us all round for hot drinks while Ann provided her melt in the mouth coffee cake.
Next day we returned the favour by inviting them all on Moore 2 Life and enjoyed homemade flapjacks made by Ann and Al.

We moved on to Huddlesford to pick up a Tesco order in the morming. While busy putting it all away Balmaha passed with a greeting and continued to Whittington. Next thing we know there we were all inside with Mo and Ness enjoying their tea n cake.


LES said...

Hope you are both well.
Thanks for the picture of the Tesco delivery, it reminded me that NB Valerie has an empty galley. Must stock up on my return from the States.

Jaqueline Almdale said...

How lovely to read about some of my favorite boaters converging in one spot! Cheers to all of you. Hope to meet in person some day soon and contribute a meal to the caravan collective. :)