Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where are we?

The National Census is about to record where we all are and how many mouths need feeding for the next ten years. We have been on a boat moving about the countryside since they last checked. We know where we are but how can they know? Well I would hope that our postal address will do but we are not there very often. I suspect that there are many cases where people are not counted.

Here we are at Huddlesford
We have moved again! No problem following that boat from Hopwas to Alvechurch. That other boat ‘Balmahaaa’ passed by. We are quite independent really until we hit those locks when we helped each other through. One paddle on the first lock did not open so it was so so slow to fill.

Here we are at Fazeley
We had filled the front tank at Fazeley Junction. Our attempt to go south of Birmingham will bear fruit now we have gone round the north of it.

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LES said...

WE boaters know where we are so let the government keep looking. I for sure won`t be on their stupid forms.Thousands of illegals in the country so the figures are wrong anyway.