Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A boat launch

The event took a while coming as is usual with new boat builds delays are inevitable. Launch day arrived, we moved into moorings at Crick and met our friends at the boat shed. They had arrived in a van full of their stuff in the morning. Then the news came that the crane had a punctured tyre and would be late! We all went off for lunch at the Red Lyon in Crick.
It proved to be a long day waiting for news during sunshine and showers. First the lorry arrived then the crane.

The boat was on rollers and the lorry pulled it out of the shed. The crane then lifted the boat up and lowered it onto the lorry.

It was a short trip down the road to the marina where the crane lifted Plaidy off the lorry and she was flying again. But then the crane slowly lowered the boat into the water.

She went down and down into the water for the very first time and finally settled with perfect trim. Phil the builder from 'Strait and Narrow' jumped on board to check for leaks!
Both crane and lorry departed while we helped Terry and Myra load their stuff on board. It was getting quite late by then and we left them to settle in.

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