Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crick boat show and a surprise

We all got back to Crick a week before the show and boats are already gathering for the event. Some boaters were complaining about the cost of the moorings. We found a spot by the Wharf while Terry and Myra took their boat back in the marina.
Chas' mum is 92 this month and we hired a car from Enterprise in Daventry for the weekend.

We stayed with our grand children down south and took them out for a picnic in the park. The fish n chips went down a treat that sunny evening while parents went out.

On Sunday we all went to take mum out for lunch at Titchfield Mill. Mum had no idea that we would be there as well so it was a complete surprise for her. "You should have seen her face!" So there we all were, a family of seven sat at a huge round table with the mill stones below.
While we were away Dave Bassett continued to do more improvements in our boat creating a cupboard and new floor in the galley.
The car was returned safely having fed it with expensive fuel which almost cost as much as the hire itself! It is always a bit of a shock having to cope with the speed, traffic and navigation. Not helped when we discovered a diversion before getting on to the M40 and having to find our way without the aid of a map.
Crick seems lacking with just a Post Office store at one end and a shop at the other, but the Red Lion does good food.

Cottages at Crick
A medical centre with a pharmacy a bit further away. There is a bus running between Rugby and Northampton but access to Daventry is by coach only twice a week.
Now at last we have got away through the tunnel. We have been north of that tunnel longer than we had planned for seven weeks and only got as far as Foxton. But much else has happened in that time. Our friends have decided to stay for the show and get a few problems with their new boat sorted.

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