Saturday, September 17, 2011

At least it was sunny!

We eventually got to the Buckby flight of locks and joined a boat in the double lock. The boat was called Monarco, a hire boat from Napton. Most boats were coming down two in a lock as they should be. Then there was one because the other had stopped half way down the flight. When arriving at the top lock we were obliged to wait with three boats in front. The lock keeper was waiting for another boat to join the one already in the lock to come down. The queue had already been waiting half an hour. Two boats were being allowed through every half hour. We ended up waiting an hour and a half before being allowed in.
We found a space at the top and set about placing an order with Tesco. We logged in through 'Quidco' a site that offered cash back and discount codes. The connection was a bit slow and unreliable so had to shut down and reboot the computer. "That's better now." Unfortunately the discount code was rejected by Tesco. At least the goods arrived next day. We moved to a mooring half way to the locks and could not get a satellite signal due to the trees. We do have an alternative aerial and 'digi' box but Channel 5 and others were not yet available at this location. Strange because the system did list the other channels but there were no pictures. Wonderful technology is it not at times!

Next day we headed up the Watford flight.

The lock keeper does the gardening as well. And may it continue.

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