Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Batten down the hatches

We had stopped at Blisworth for the weekend. Oh that wind does blow all day! It is bad here but must have been much worse in the USA where the storm raged earlier. Wind generators get some welcome power but TV aerials do wave about so. Rubbish bins that have just been emptied get blown about like the leaves from the trees. Take care walking under those trees for they wave their arms about like the 'Womping' tree that J K Rowling wrote about. Un latched garden gates open and close on their own. Most boaters have stopped moving and those that try cannot leave their moorings or travel sideways if they do.
A few days later it was calm enough to move so we headed for Bugbrooke. On the way we stopped for water at Gayton Junction. It got busy when at one time six boats were either leaving or arriving at the facilities! It was still a bit windy on the way and there seem to be more boats on the move now.

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