Friday, September 09, 2011

Wot! No locks

We were at Fenny Stratford the other day when our friends on Plaidy caught up with us. We were just north of that lock with a swing across it and they had stopped just south of it! While the girls went off shopping, the boys set off for a walk to Caldecotte Lake with Molly.
As you may realise, we had travelled up and over the Chiltern Hills and down the northern side. Now we can enjoy a long stretch of water all the way to Cosgrove. That is 11miles going past Milton Keynes. We were having breakfast when our friends went past us on their way early at just after 7 am! We left at 9 and with nothing else to do but drive and walk with Molly the time seemed to drag. Half way through the journey we stopped at Lynford Wharf for water and get rid of the 'unwanted'. At the end of the journey just before the lock we set off for a walk to find that our friends on Plaidy had gone even further than us.
Next day we set off heading up for Stoke Bruerne. But first a quick visit to that handy camp shop to get chips and peas to go with our fish that night. When we arrived at the bottom lock we were joined by Jenny Wren, a boat which was just behind us. After three locks Rose and Ray came down to help.

They live on a boat called Maddy Rose and invited us on board when we stopped below lock 15. We watched boats going up and down the lock sometimes one by one.

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