Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter week

I have been walking round a field with Molly getting her to run after sticks. I think about what my web site should look like. Then I have to learn how to tell the computer how to display what I want. The idea came in a flash but changing the code will take a while. Is it a sort of translation of intelligence? After it had rained on another day I was out again when some bloke told me to get off the field. The field is for livestock and I should have Molly on a lead and keep to the path.

It was wet and windy on Wednesday so we did not go out till late afternoon. Needless to say we walked to the next bridge along the towpath. No cyclists, fishermen or farmers to spoil the walk. The boat is hanging on to the ropes sheltered partly by a tall hedge. I had to wash the side after the storm because it was covered in green stuff off the hedge. The trees were loosing twigs and branches. Some trees elsewhere were being blown across the canal.

The Holy Day approaches and the queues at the lock grow to two or three. All unknown to me and no friendly faces! Such a shame that the weather changed so they all have to wrap up to explore the waterways.

Latest news is that the waterways have nearly been privatized to become the ‘Canal and River Trust’ with charitable status. So lets all look forward to seeing green shoots of prosperity after we have celebrated Easter.

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