Saturday, April 21, 2012

It all happened at Great Haywood

We moved on all the way to Tixall Wide in sunshine then it rained!  We found a space amongst the boats and stayed the night while the wind blew.  We had appointments with the Hygienist and Dentist so went in to find a mooring OK.  My Doctor wants me to get a blood test but the surgery won’t do it without seeing him so I make plans to go ‘home’.
A large Union flag was flying above a boat called Plum.  Dave and his wife sell and fit Solar panels from the boat.  “Solar Afloat” can be found at www . solarafloat . co . uk.  They provide a range of regulators and make and fit their own mounting kits.  We were impressed with a demonstration on Plum.  Our two panels are just about working but really need replacing after 6 years of use.  I have convinced myself that they are good for the batteries when the sun shines.  The new panels are more efficient and cheaper these days and can supply more than just a ‘trickle charge’.  Unfortunately it has rained most days so the framework cannot yet be screwed and glued to the roof.
It was while we were getting water and diesel when Ann fell in the canal!  She had the rope in hand and wrapped round a bollard when it slipped off.  The boat was still moving and pulled her in.  I ran to the front to help her out but could not do it.  We both shouted for help.  Two men came from somewhere to pull her out and secured the boat as it was drifting away in the breeze!  Ann got on the boat, handed me the wet phone and went in for a hot shower.  I put the kettle on for a warming cup of tea.  I quickly took the phone apart to dry off.  Back off, battery and sim card out and all available apertures open.  The camera lens was misty so not much hope for survival after drowning.
One of the men was from the boat yard and proceeded to fill our diesel tank at 89p/l allowing a declaration of 0% because we planned to stay a while.  Ann has recovered well after that hot shower and a full set of dry clothes.  She rinsed out her mouth before drinking the tea.  She has a few bruises.  We are now back out at Tixall Wide.
We will be going into Stafford to sort the phone out and for Chas to catch the train on Monday.


Elsie said...

Oh dear! Glad she got pulled out OK. Eric and I have both fallen in numerous times! My phone survived too, the camera dried out eventually. Take care, Elsie & Eric

Chas and Ann said...

Thank you Elsie, Ann has recovered. Sadly the phone is not well. It was the camera lens on the phone that was misty. I guess it is best to leave the phone on the boat! Best wishes Chas n Ann

Geoff and Mags said...

Who's a silly billy then!
Seriously, glad Ann's OK, the phone can be replaced....
Enjoy the dentist.
See you later in the year.
Love, Geoff and Mags.

Dave B said...

Try Putting phone in a very low Oven
It will dry out its amazing how it works. Glad you are ok Ann Dave Nb Sokai

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks for all your comments and concern. Chas n Ann

Amanda said...

Sounds odd but it works - put it in a bowl of rice - the uncooked variety!! The rice absorbs the water. Leave the back off.

Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

The Olmpic swimmers have been chosen so stop praticing.
Glad your ok Ann.
Chas if the boat yard lads pulled her out why do we not have pics.
Les xx

Del and Al said...

Glad you're OK Ann. Not the best place to chose to have a swim lol Take care x