Sunday, April 15, 2012

We have moved on

Ann came back to me on the boat. I planned to provide the dinner after we both went shopping for supplies. On the way back we spotted our friends on Day Dreamer from Market Drayton. They were getting their diesel tank filled and on their way back home. Continuing back to our boat we passed Jandai. Sorry we did not make contact but time was against us and we were hungry. It is one of those times when things do not work out.

In the morning we cut off all the roots and moved the boat backwards through the lock to get water. Then it was full steam ahead to move down the Shroppie, turn left at the end and finally stop after five hours. It was while we were on our way when we got a message from Vanessa back at Wheaton Aston wondering where we were! “Just bad timing again!”

Our first journey together again was mainly in sunshine but ended at Moat House Bridge on the Staff. n Worc. The clouds had gathered, the air turned cold and it had started to rain. We stayed there a day while it continued to rain all day. Time to catch up with news from home, deal with a mountain of post and place an order with Tesco.

We continued to Gaily next day to receive the delivery. The location triggered memories of our long stay here when we had been stuck in ice with Rock n Roll and Seyella. These were the same two boats with Carol, George, Margaret and Geoff who we had spent this winter with.

Next move was to Penkridge where we celebrated Ann’s birthday.
Breakfast in bed while opening all those cards.
Then it was off to The Boat for lunch.


Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Many happy returns Anne. Breakfast in bed--(sounds like you've got Chas well trained!!) Chas that is a very sweet and thoughtful thing to do.
:) Jaq and Les

Geoff and Mags said...

Happy birthday Anne.
Hope you had a good time on holiday with the family. Chas, I bet it's good to have her back, eh.
All the best, see you soon.