Thursday, February 21, 2013

A bus ride and a movie

We got to Wheaton Aston in the morning. Sue had got some tickets for us to see the movie Les Mis in Stafford.

We went on the bus that took us on a white knuckle ride through the countryside. Many narrow roads making passing difficult and going via Penkridge on the way.

Sue had also arranged a meal in a pub offering a free drink via the Internet.

We do not often get to see a movie in a cinema these days. The days of ice-cream served in the interval between two movies are long gone.

At least with the no smoking rule you do not see the flickering beam of light from the projector. Now it is the smell of buckets of popcorn and coke that fills the air.

The word movie still applies to the experience. At one time it was a strip of film with pictures on it. Now we can watch movies on many different mediums including DVD's. Seems that many things have gone digital including the cinema.

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