Saturday, February 16, 2013

Moving after the refit

Done all the varnishing and we have both used the shower, one at a time!

It is all part of a cunning plan.

We got out of the arm and moved down to Gnosall. Ann left me to go to see our grand children.

When S n V came back from their cruise I took them back to Norbury through a snowstorm. Vic got the fire going on No Problem, Sue sorted the Tesco delivery and I was invited to a roast dinner! 'How wonderful is that!'

Next day was warm n sunny so I was able to use the facilities and enjoyed watching the discovery of Richard the third's body in Leicester, having been lost for 500 years. History as we knew it was written by the Tudor's laced with propergander. Now we know what Richard really looked like. His remains were found directly under a car park reserved space marked with an 'R'.

While I was a single hander I got diesel at Norbury Wharf then moved back to Gnosall, got water and waited for Ann to come back. Then we went to town to do the shopping.

Society makes the rules to follow for the good of all. But there are some who do not follow! 
A boater leaves his boat at a water point.
A driver leaves his car on a space reserved for the disabled when he is not.
A beef supplier supplies horse instead and calls it beef.

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