Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sheltered from the wind

Our boat is down the Norbury Arm. We pushed and broke ice to get there. Work is in progress on our refit. The bath is no more having been cut in half to get it out.
Much hard labour and noise to remove the thick tiles. Mik has now replaced it with a shower and shelves.

We have a land line so power is not a problem and saves diesel. We are sheltered from the wind being surrounded by boats. Going for walks however has been purgatory in the cold wind. The fields and towpath are still sogy as you would expect.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker seen nearby
Snowdrops, first sign of spring

Apologies for not writing but we have been editing our book, varnishing wood and watching movies.


One Thing After Another said...

Think we have all this to come! We're going to be having our bathroom retiled soon! Not looking forward to all the mess etc!

Geoff and Mags said...

Looking good, Chas...

Carol Palin said...

Bathroom’s looking good! Cracking picture of the woodpecker Ann - brilliant!

Les Biggs said...

All coming along nicely.