Friday, March 15, 2013

A slow getaway

Our winter companions have moved south and we are on our own again. We said good by to Sue and Vic on No Problem as they head south. With a promise to keep in touch and meet another time some where on the cut.

The local locks at Great Haywood have been opened so there is no stopping us but for medicals and shopping. The medical centre was shut the day I went to book in for a pressure check. "Ring on Monday," they said.

We got water and moved out to Tixel wide for the weekend and made plans for our trip up north on the Macclesfield Canal.

A call first thing on Monday gave me the news that the Medical Centre was already fully booked! So we stayed put for another day. Got an appointment with a nurse on Tuesday. So off we went breaking ice to get back in to Great Haywood.

A lack of space was caused by many CnRT work boats occupying the visitor moorings. A kind boater offered to allow us to moor along side. The work boats had gone by the time we got back so we were able to back into a space.

Went off on the bus to shop at Stafford.

Another move out to Tixel is an option while we await the arrival of our friends on Seyella.
The Trent was very high last year and these men were having fun safely.

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