Sunday, March 03, 2013

A spring day

We needed to move on so that Ann could get a bus to Stafford. Milford was chosen as our destination. On the way we enjoyed the warmth of the sun without that cold wind of previous days.

No Problem followed us so Ann helped by lifting a paddle after I took the boat out at the bottom. The canal was a bit shallow and brown with churned up silt. We moved over and slowed down as a boat approached at a bend.

Then we found we had got stuck on a mudbank, hill climbing as the old boaters would say. Unconcerned, the skipper of the boat passed us by as we struggled to get off. The shallows just kept sucking the boat back on. 

C & R T have painted those useless wooden bollards here at Shutt Hill.

When we got to Milford Wharf near the railway we were unhappy not to be able to get  TV or phone signals. We moved on a bit further away from the railway to find the signals much improved.

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