Friday, March 29, 2013

Moving boats

Before we set off two boats went past! They were Kangeroo and Australia. The lock was not far ahead and by the time we got there Seyella was already going up.

 While we were waiting another two, Jaguar and Northolt drifted past us. Their engine had stopped and they were almost along side! Ann had set the lock for us so I had to back up to get past them.
The towpaths were covered in snow but at least the locks were clear as we went up the four of them. 
Although it was bright with warm sunshine the bridges still had icicles hanging from them.
About a mile of towpath was being improved on our way to Barlaston.

Next day we set off to tackle the 14 lock miles through Stoke on Trent. More snow fell from the sky accompanied by sunshine and a cold wind. It took us both a while to recover from that trip having got to Westport Lake.

In the morning sunshine we walked round the lake with Geoff and the two dogs. The local wild life were so tame it was possible to get close and personal.
After a refreshing cup of tea we set off for Harecastle Tunnel. Our previous trip through was with Sue and Vic back in 2010.
This time Seyella followed us through. We turn off while the Trent and Mersey goes down to Middlewich.
A short while later the canal crosses over to join the Macclesfield. 

We have been this way only twice before in 2002 and 2005.

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