Wednesday, April 03, 2013


All canals have their own character and the Macclesfield is no exception. This one cuts through the hills and fills the valleys with embankments or aqueducts.
This bridge is a 'cross over', 'turn over' or 'snake' bridge. When the towpath changes sides to avoid falling down the hill a horse can go through and over without unhitching the tow rope.
This is what I wrote back in 2002 when passing Congleton- 
Canal, rail and road cross each other here. The old stone canal bridge is almost lost under the iron railway bridge and the high concrete road bridge dwarfs both. They show some lack of respect for each other.

The bridges have their own style, Geoff calls them 'Hobbit Holes' because of their shape.
Even the milestones are unique. They were all buried during the war and have been restored to their upright positions.
We were getting low on diesel so were pleased to see Brian and Ann on Alton.
Geoff got some coal.

Despite approaching the High Peaks the canal manages to stay level for most of its 25 odd miles. Only at Bosley does it climb 118 feet through 12 locks in a mile.

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