Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hanging around

We moved out of Bugsworth Basin and stopped just past Carr swing bridge. The mooring was a bit shallow and the boat often leaned over on the mud when a boat passed.
It is worth staying a while to admire the view among the hills of the Peak Forest.

The occupants of Seyella, Rock n Roll and Moore 2 Life spent time together climbing up hills and down in the Goyt valley. Perhaps needless to say I did not manage the hills! Roads cross the River Goyt on huge stone viaducts.
The river flows over its rocky bed and a number of dams create waterfalls where the old mills extracted the power.
The mills have gone now and the power is used to generates electricity. An Archimedes Screw is mounted in a trough with water flowing down, turning the screw slowly. There is plenty of water flowing over the dam but no power was being generated when we saw it.
Marple Locks

Our friends moved back to Whaley Bridge while we set off for Marple. Ann to collect train tickets and me to get medication. While there we had fish n chips sitting outside the shop in sunshine. We returned to the moorings just before Carr swing bridge. We arrived at about five o'clock having travelled for nearly six hours that day.

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