Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rings, rocks and moorings

Many moorings on the Macclesfield canal looked inviting but there was usually too much mud preventing the rear end from getting near the bank. There were a few spaces at the visitor moorings in Marple for Rock n Roll and M 2 L. For once the boats were in deeper water and tied to rings.

We found some good shops down the hill at Marple. Having done the shopping we all enjoyed refreshments from Greggs the baker while sitting on a street seat and watching the traffic!

Back at the boats we set off to turn right at the junction of the Peak Forest canal.

It is many years since we were here and it is sad to see the visitor moorings in such a state with those rocks in the water.

It is only 6 miles to Whaley Bridge but there are a few bridges to swing or lift on the way.

George did Higgs.

And Ann did Wood End while Rocker and Lifer cruised past.

Although it was a bit misty we could see across the Goyt Valley.

Baz and Al were on their way out on Micky Jay and Al was kind enough to open this bridge for us.

We went on to Whaley Bridge for water, facilities and post while Rock n Roll went into Bugsworth Basin.

When we arrived at the basin we did a tour by boat before backing up to join the others.

Seyella and Pilgrim were also there and Malcolm and Barbara invited us all on board for tea, cake and a chat.

We intend to stay a while so felt obliged to volunteer a donation to the Inland Waterways Protection Society which maintain the moorings. This is better than getting a fine from C&RT for staying too long at these lovely moorings.

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barrie allen said...

Hi Ann and Chas,

I am sorry it's a bit late but 'A Very Happy Birthday' for a few days ago, we hope you had a good day and look forward to bumping (not literally!)into you for a natter again sometime. Hope you are both well.
Ali and Baz
nb Micky Jay