Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going up the hill

It is slow progresses we head up the hill towards Stoke. We are only moving about every other day because the tennis at Wimbledon just has to be seen. Oh such joy to see Andy Murray win all those matches and the final. 

We stayed near Wheelock after topping up with water and loosing the unwanted. Then there was that day when we stayed put and put the white sheets outside the windows to keep cool.

Next day we made a run for it early to get up six locks while the day was young and cool. It has been a while since we have been this way so we noticed that many of the single pairs of locks are back in operation.

Just like at Hillmorton on the Oxford canal we have a choice of which lock to use. But here they are deeper. The six locks got us up 80 feet!

Another early start got us up to Rode Heath.
An Orchid hanging on the lock gate.

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