Sunday, July 14, 2013

Over the hill

We had stopped at Church Lawton and walked a path guided by Ann's magic map on her phone.  It made us jump when suddenly the Church bells rang a peal just behind a hedge.  The church was so close but unseen behind that hedge and the sound was so loud.  Bell ringing practice is usually on a Thursday. A cool evening walk down to a stream in the woods and back up to the canal.

Well after all that heat it was a treat to get into the tunnel to cool off and have a shower as we went through.  We all stopped at Westport lake and sat out with chairs and a table enjoying cups of tea from Geoff n Margaret and eating Ann's freshly made sponge cake.

After a walk round the lake we moved on to Etruria and decided to moor on the Caldon canal just before the lock.  It was quieter with a large patch of mowed grass to sit out in.

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