Thursday, July 25, 2013

Red or White ?

Just like that 100 year war all those years ago about the colour of roses, we are now in a dispute over the colour of diesel. The Europeans are not happy with us. Were they ever?

They wanted us to pay more for the red diesel that we use for moving our boat. That we are doing. We have to work out the proportion we used to move and what we used for heating and power. Red diesel is usually only heating oil so we are paying the full 'road' price for moving the boat. How silly is that!

Now they want us to use white diesel and pay the full tax on all of it in our tank. It was suggested that we had separate tanks for red and white so we could still use the red for heating. How silly is that! The suppliers on the cut do not make much on selling the stuff so would not have a separate tank put in.

Our engines do not really like the red stuff and may well run better using the white diesel. The engine may well use less of it because it would be better quality.

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