Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On the Nene


Northamptun and Southamptun existed in the 11th. Century and 'Hamptun' means homestead. The towns were linked by an old route way. In 1213 the footwear industry made a pair of boots for King John then a hundred years later boots were made for Cromwell's army. Another 150 years passed and they made more boots for the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars.

The local football team are known as 'the cobblers' !

Washlands Mooring

Moving east

Moved about 3 miles and through 3 locks on Sunday after morning rain and watching F1 racing. A sunny afternoon trip to Cogenhoe. Moored against a grass bank and put the plank out at the bow. The fields are common ground so we wont be charged for staying unlike on the Thames! Seen the boat called Moore To Life here but nobody is aboard. Yes, that is our previous boat.

A few days of rain is causing the river to run a bit faster over the locks. Seems normal on the river to allow the river to flow through the locks. The top gates are left shut and the bottom guillotine gate is raised. Our ropes are deliberately long and loose to allow the boat to rise and fall with the water level. But often the boat settles on the mud!

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