Saturday, May 27, 2006

A little irony

Lucy is getting better and needs to be collected from the vet at Peterborough. A bus from Thrapston is quickest. It is raining and the river is rising but 'needs must' and we prepare to move down. Just then a boat passes and takes the lock! We only see one boat a day, normally! Got into the lock eventually and raised the guillotine. The river is so high that we have to remove items off the roof to get out. The river seems calm enough but the boats are moving fast down stream. Slipping sideways round the bends and past a few bridges. One is a bit narrow and we just made it, with a glancing blow. Got round to the left off the main stream into a safe Visitor Mooring by Thrapston Bridge. The girls rush off to catch the bus. Then we see the notice. Strong stream, do not move! Elsewhere in the country several counties are issuing drought restrictions due to lack of rain!

Strong Stream

Lucy has been returned to her boat and family and is recovering quietly.

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