Thursday, May 25, 2006

We are back

Yes, been away, five days off the boat. Got back to a great welcome on board No Problem with food n wine after our journey. We went to look after our two grand children while their parents were on holiday. Several days of rain has caused the river to rise and flow fast. Our two boats are safe in the approach to the lock with the river passing round behind over a weir and bypassing the lock. While we were away the Environment Agency lock keepers came to advise Sue n Vic not to move the boats. We were happy to stay a while to recover from our trip! A Tesco order placed on the net duly arrived a few days later. Just got to be careful with the use of our water and diesel while we wait. Several boats have made it going up river.


Sadly our friends lovely dog Lucy has been taken to the vet in Peterborough for an operation. She had hurt her leg badly while on a walk and we are all missing her.

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