Thursday, May 11, 2006

To Great Deddington

Vic walked on to 'set up the lock' at Cogenhoe. He called on the walky talky "Lock in use". So M2L and NP were allowed to drift with the wind towards the bank. EA have a crew painting the bollards and their boat, with engine problems, is being pushed into the lock. Some time later we were able to enter the lock and filled our tanks with water. EA had installed a stand pipe close to the lock.

Cogenhoe Lock

Continued on down stream through open countryside following the river along its bending route. After two miles and through Whiston Lock we passed through White Mills Lock with help from the EA crew. They had arrived from Cogenhoe and kindly opened the lock as we approached. Now most of these Guillotine locks have electric motors to raise and lower them. But the next at Earls Barton is one that is not. A large wheel is turned by hand. "Tis hard work and takes time". Another mile and another lock and we found a grassy bank to stay a few days.

Earls Barton Lock

Next day we all walked up to the very pretty village of Great Deddington and yes there is still a Post Office but it has moved next door. A small shop will be handy for bread n milk when we need them. Then on back down the hill and across the river to the Summerleys Nature Reserve. Originally old gravel pits. The Nene Way is a foot path partly using an old railway route following the river. Vic and I returned to the boats while the girls continued their longer walk. It was another of those fine sunny hot days with temperatures in the high 20's.

Summerleys Nature Reserve

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Hi Chas and Ann thank you for your comment and support I didnt notice your posting until today! Its the first comment I have had on my blog. I have just discovered that very few know about the new Paddington proposals and some agree that it is better but the entertainment side is something to be considered depending on what sort of entertainment it is. My apologies for putting this on your blog I dont seem to have anyother way to contact you.
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