Thursday, June 01, 2006

Flood water has gone down

While at Thrapston a man from Anglia Water came to check the river level. It had been going up and down about 6 inches the previous day as the Environment Agency let flood water down river to the sea.

We have moved on from Thrapston, down stream through Islip Lock and under several low bridges with just over 2M clearance. We had of course removed items from the roof and hoped that the water level had gone down enough.

Past Titchmarsh nature reserve and promised ourselves to stop there on the way back. Through the lock and past the old mill heading for Wadenhoe during a lovely sunny but windy day. Found a good mooring just off the river in the mill race. There are several picnic tables, Ash and Willow trees and the grass has been cut! Just a short walk up to the end of the village street with thatched cottages either side.


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Colin North said...

Chas & Ann, It is great to be albe to follow your adventures! Best wishes to you both.
Colin North