Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Alien wildlife

Ann watched as a Moorhen raised her 3 chicks. They ran on the lily pads and splashed around for a few days looking for food. Then Ann saw a Mink prowling in the reeds. Soon the chicks were no more. Could do nothing to prevent it. The natural balance of wild life will change with the environment and climate. But man's interference has changed the balance unnaturally. Many 'introduced' animals will take over like the Grey Squirrel, Mink and even rabbits have done. Exotic pets are finding their way into the countryside. Rules and regulation will not stop the 'invasion'. Many of our familiar animals and birds are disappearing.

Angry swan

Well this swan seems to be very angry about something!

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Andrew said...

Chas, swans are always angy about something. They have the gift of looking bad-tempered at all times From a distance - and above the water - they are all grace and peace. Underneath, of course, they belie their grace by pedalling frantically. And close up they are vicious and ungrateful. They trade on our admiration of their grace, but it's all false show!