Monday, June 12, 2006

Back to Oundle

Another sunny day to enjoy a picnic on the tables provided before moving on. Our boats were tied together back to front as we manoeuvred out round into the river Nene. Then separated to go through the narrow arch of the '9 arch bridge' and on to Islip Lock. "Enjoy the global warming while you can" I called to Skipper and Crew of a boat just exiting the lock. Many Damsel flies about looking for a mate.

Passed under those low bridges again and Titchmarsh Lock stopping short of Wadenhoe at a grassy edge as other boats were seen occupying moorings at Wadenhoe. Not much shade here so moved through another 4 locks to Ashton the next day. A wonderful mooring just round the corner from the lock on a byway where the river passes the lock and falls down a weir. Many different trees providing shade during several days of a heat wave. A light fresh breeze keeping us all cool inside and out of the boat. Very popular with seven or eight boats coming and going each day. Got our post at Oundle and stayed to enjoy the weekend with football and F1 racing to watch.

Cool dogs

Sweltering heat

Another day of wall to wall sunshine. Temperatures in the 30's. The willow trees have been producing a lot of seed which float down like fluffy snow and the boats are getting covered. A lot of spiders have been making their webs which have captured the seed as well as flies. Tables, chairs and sun brollies have been out on the grass for several days. Sitting out for an hour or so, especially in the afternoon or evening when the sun has gone behind the trees.

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