Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Return to Thrapston

For two reasons: Lucy needs a check up by the vet and we like the town and its mooring with water tap.

Lucy is doing well but her leg needs some exercise now. Short walks but not swimming yet. For ten days it has not been used much because Lucy has been confined to 'cage rest'. The hip joint should be ok now much to the relief of Sue & Vic who have both been very anxious. A pin and the stitches will stay in for now.

The trip up stream took about 5 hours going through several locks. A different procedure as they are always left open. So go into the safety of the lock first, lower the guillotine behind and wait for the overflowing river to fill the lock, move out and lift the guillotine. We passed at least eight boats going down stream. The Tesco order duly arrived on time this time by the friendly helpful lady Sue n Vic met last year. All this during a dry sunny day which turned cool in the evening.

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