Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bumping through the tunnel

We set off from Norton Junction after getting a delivery from good old Tesco. The very friendly driver stopped right outside the boat. Sue n Vic set off first, in a hurry to get through that Braunston tunnel. As we approached the junction another boat joined the 'convoy' in front of us going quite slowly. So by the time we reached the tunnel No Problem was well into the darkness. We backed off from the 'slow coach' to give a reasonable gap. In the tunnel it is difficult to see where the boat is in front so Ann went up front as look out. Passed the first of three boats on a strait bit of tunnel. Then found our boat on the wrong side at a bend. The bright tunnel light on the next boat was blinding as it approached in the darkness. The boat was almost stopped and was drifting off the edge as we glanced off each others bow. Once outside and waiting at the locks Sue told us that they had hit the same boat.

We paired off to go down the wide locks and as we went down each of the 6 locks had 2 boats coming up. John had walked up to help. With all the help on a sunny Saturday it was not long before we were in Braunston.

New batteries for M 2 L

As I said our batteries were showing signs of stress, often 'low', getting thirsty and needing more charge time. Technically the specific gravity readings showed that some cells were less charged than others. My grateful thanks to Vic and John for lifting those heavy weights while I carefully did the connections.


Only problem is that they are 1/4 inch higher and the cover needs a spacer !

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