Friday, October 13, 2006

What a difference

Those new batteries are working well for us. A day of rain meant that we did not move and while the TV was on all afternoon, the voltage stayed high. This seems to prove that our old batteries had lost their capacity because their voltage went low. It is always best to replace all old batteries in a 'bank' because one old battery, if faulty, could act as a load to the others. Like leaving a light on all the time. The good batteries will be feeding the bad one and will loose their charge. Generally when the batteries become persistently thirsty they need replacing. As the batteries slowly get old the effect is not noticed. You just find that they need charging for longer and more often using valuable diesel.

What a record for us

Thirty four lock miles in one day! After a very wet and stormy day at Napton we set off early, just after breakfast, intent on going as far as we could. Thankfully the sun came out so we made good progress. All the way up the flight of 9 locks in less than two miles. We lost count of the number of boats coming down. Often four of them queueing at each lock. This amount of traffic meant that we had plenty of help going up. Surprised to find plenty of water at the summit which is ten miles long to the next lock going down at Claydon. The entire length needs dredging because it is slow going and the water is just brown with silt. "Some fish were jumping out to see where they were". Stopped at Fenny Compton Marina to visit the chandlery before continuing down the eight locks to Cropredy.


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