Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cropredy to Aynho and beyond

We set off on Sunday and discovered that Bob n Jane on Hobo was below the next lock so we stopped for a chat. Apparently Ivor Batchelor has moved out of Braunston. He with his Motor, Butty and wife Mell have been supplying coal and diesel for many years. Braunston will not be the same and we have missed him already.

Not far to Banbury where we caught up with Sue n Vic at the Tesco mooring. The land owned by BW has become overgrown with nettles and brambles. Got my shears out and chopped away a clearing to get the pins in and discovered an old car battery hidden in the undergrowth! Next day moved on through town past several boats, Toolies and the swing bridge. A boat was coming up the lock so we both stopped for water and watched most of the boats in Banbury pass through. When we had done the business and the girls returned from the shops we moved on down to Morrison's.


Must get on to Aynho today in order to keep up with our schedule. So we press on finding Paul and Christine waiting to help us all through several locks. It was a fine day and we actually passed Aynho wharf, waving to Ian, and stopped at the swing bridge. Ian had helped make our first boat. Set off, almost first thing to continue down the Oxford Canal for a four hour trip to Kirtlington. Getting quite tired now and wishing we could stay a while.

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