Thursday, October 05, 2006

Three boats to Whilton

Moore 2 Life, No Problem and Balmaha all progressed northwards along the lock free Grand Union to Whilton. Stopping on the way at Bugbrooke for a rest and to collect post. Surprisingly mild for October making for an enjoyable trip. Bit of a culture shock being back on the narrow canals with its bridge holes to aim for. Sue in front warned me, by 'walkie talkie' that a boat was approaching the blind bridge so we waited for it. As it passed we moved on through only to find yet another boat following close behind the first. Some sharp bends proved difficult to get round, must go slower, specially past rows and rows of those moored boats. There is a definite lack of variety in wild bird life but we did see one Mandarin duck today.

2 boats

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Lorimar said...

Good picture Ann looks like Mo is dropping off to sleep. LOL
Good to read your blog and see you are all making good progress,
at least the weather seems to be holding out for a bit longer.
Take care of yourselves
Best Wishes
Mark & Lorain.