Thursday, November 30, 2006

Diesel heating

We have stopped at Devizes Marina to have a new boiler fitted. The initial examination of our system revealed that our 'Bubble' diesel fire, with 'back boiler', is not capable of heating the radiators and domestic hot water. The little central heating pump is noisy and if it fails we would not be able to have the fire on! The radiators are not very warm at the best of times. Our fire is however adequate for 'space' heating. The solution is to have a boiler fitted in the engine bay, disconnect the 'back boiler' and remove the noisy pump. The new boiler will heat the radiators and hot water. It is also automatic in that it has thermostatic control.

Diesel fires on boats suffer from one major problem which is a short chimney. No amount of adjustment will improve the way it burns diesel. If the chimney does not draw enough air through the fuel burns yellow and at worst is smoky. If we fitted a taller chimney we would be able to get under the bridges!


Epiphany said...

In the last line, I think you meant we would not be able to get under the bridges!

May see you at the Marina

Mo said...

I'm surprised you didn't decide on a wood burning stove, what with all that spare wood on those nice peoples' boat next to you.

or you could just try cuddling up a bit closer....

Hiya from Mo and Vanessa

Chas and Ann said...

Well that sounds a good idea but now we can have warm feet as well against that hot radiator! Thanks for the comments. Good to know who is reading this.