Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Family at Kintbury

All facilities here for us boaters and a car park for visitors. Chris and the boys arrived after a calm short journey. The first thing Josh said to me was "I love you grand dad". Then he woke up Ben telling him "We have arrived". Our grandchildren were so good they were offered some sweets! Once on the boat we got the kettle on and made a refreshing drink for them all. Ann had made some vegetable soup which went down well. It was fine and sunny so we then all took a walk round the village. Past the church where Jane Austen had known the Reverend Thomas Fowle and his family. Then on by the allotments where the villagers were busy tending their crops. Telling our grand children about the carrot tops and other good food grown here. Back at the boat we set about moving up a few spaces as some boats had moved away. Just a short trip for the boys which then enabled the satellite dish to get a signal through a gap in the trees. So the TV kept them quiet for a while. Then the toys came out and we did puzzles and drew some pictures while Ann made some supper.

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