Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maintaining Navigation

With a reduced income perhaps British Waterways should consider where our money is spent. More on maintenance and safety, less on expansion. It's PRIME 'directive' is to keep the Navigation open.

* A smart public house by a derelict canal will not be profitable.

* Adding extra length to a canal is pointless if boats cannot get there. It seems silly to make the Caldon Canal longer with that low tunnel which stops many boats getting through. With the SSSI demanding limited access to the Montgomery Canal why make that longer?

* It would be great to get the Wilts & Berks Canal and the Cotswold Canal restored and open but not if the existing canals go in decline.

The canal system really needs continuous maintenance to keep the 200 year old system open. Dredging, tree trimming and cutting back vegetation will all help keep the Navigation open. Regular replacement of lock gates is also essential. Keeping lock keepers and length men to look after the system will help prevent future major disasters.

As seen on TV

As seen on TV. Ann putting up a poster at Pewsey Wharf.

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