Sunday, November 19, 2006

Geo Cache ?

Would you believe it? Boxes of 'items' are hidden all over the countryside in the UK and in other countries. They are located by knowing the map grid reference number or GPS number. Having a GPS locator is almost essential but some clues are provided to find the hidden box. You have to log on to the internet to get the information. Go to and register as a user. Ann and Sue are registered as 'the narrow boaters'. When you find a box it will contain a log book into which you log the fact that you have found it. There are different size boxes. Some are just big enough for the log book and others are big enough to contain 'swops'. Usually small plastic toys and trinkets which you san exchange for something you have. If you are lucky the box will contain a 'Travel Bug' or 'Geo coin'. These items have a mission attached and if you take one you are obliged to follow its instructions. Some of these that we have found have come over from America and Iceland! Once you have registered your visit and done a swop you must hide the box exactly where you find it. Then log in to the web site to register your find.

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Dave Elcome said...

It was great to meet you both today, even if only briefly, especially having been an avid reader of your blog and web site for some months now.

I am really looking foradr to reading news of your 'adventures' in future.

Kind regards.

Dave Elcome