Thursday, August 09, 2007

Family visit

They arrived on Saturday and left the car in the marina. Our plan is to travel down to Calcutt and back the next day. Just a couple of hours travelling in the afternoon after refreshments. No locks but plenty of boat activity on the way through open countryside. The grand children sitting on the roof up front with parents. All trying to touch the bridges as we passed under. Met boats at almost every one so usually stopped to let them through. The bridge holes are often narrowed by overgrown bushes. Napton Junction is where the southern section of the Oxford canal joins the Grand Union. Referred to as Wigrams Turn now that marina is full of boats. A cross roads where we turned right under the bridge. A short while later we were lucky to find a space near the locks. Josh called them 'water gates'. A hard edge to safely step off on to and a wide cut grass patch to sit out on. A bright hot sunny day encouraging the BBQ use. Chris made beef burgers from minced beef and an egg. Back inside we watched 'Chicken Run' before bath and bed for the boys.

Next day grand parents entertained their grand children to allow parents a moment of peace. Ann and Tracy went off to the shop to get delicious ice creams. Then we set off back stopping short of Braunston to consume the pork casserole which Ann had made earlier. Back past those old boats on the way into Braunston, turning right at the two bridges and slowly on to the water point near the marina. By by family till next time as they packed the car and left, while we refilled our water tank.

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