Friday, August 10, 2007

Moving on

It was in 2006 that we last ventured north of Rugby. Almost forgotten what the north Oxford canal was like. In fact we hardly recognised it with all that vegetation growing out of it's sides and threatening our paintwork. A product of all that rain and perhaps the fact that previously we passed this way in the spring. The tow paths are just as bad here as on the southern section. No point getting off the boat to walk with Molly. British Waterways and it's contractors would have a hard job themselves getting to it without a boat if only they had the money to get on with it. The occasional walker seen stuck between bridges unable to proceed without the use of a hedge trimmer! Found a space at Brownsover near Rugby with boats moored both sides of the canal.

A new modem
Our system with Orange, an Office Card, was designed to use GPRS or 3G and was becoming unreliable. Their latest magazine not even featuring the system. Sue on 'No Problem' had been using the T-Mobile data card and reported that the connection was good ,fast and reliable. Mike on 'Snecklifter' showed me his T-Mobile USB modem telling me that it was free on a monthly contract. It even worked well in Braunston a known mobile black spot. So that is what we got in Rugby. Could not have been easier. Back at the boat the modem loaded it's software and we were on line with a similar speed to Broadband and almost unlimited data.

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