Friday, August 10, 2007

Moving on to the Coventry canal

As we approached Newbold there was 'Valerie'. Les was enjoying the sunshine with friends as we passed and exchanged greetings. Was not expecting to see him there. We bloggers tend not to disclose our whereabouts on the same day. On through the illuminated tunnel with the pretty coloured lights. Then a seemingly long journey north to stop near Hawkesbury Junction with the tow path still in very poor shape. Within a mile of the Coventry canal we found a mooring with cut grass.
Next day we got water at the junction with the Coventry canal. Of the two water taps one was damaged and unusable and the other was OK but with a permanent pipe attached to supply water to the 'permanent' moorings. Had to turn off their supply in order to get our tank filled. At least the grass was cut along this canal so it made a change to be able to walk some of the ten lock free miles to Atherstone.

August is a busy time for the canal system. Several boats coming up the Atherstone flight of locks were running aground even in the locks because they were all coming up to the same lock and taking the water! The 'system' is self regulating with the water supply determining the speed at which you can go.

Once down those locks you have seven lock free miles to just two locks at Tamworth then twenty two miles to Fradley junction with the Trent & Mersey canal. The tow path still in excellent condition. This canal remains our most favourite of all with plenty of open country side to explore with some towns and villages to travel through. Also enough facilities to keep you comfortable.

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